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Working with SmartArt
Adding Images to
Line Style. If your shape has an outline, you can set its width and type here.
If you’re working with arrows, the Arrow settings section is where you choose
a head style and size.
Shadow. Give your shape a shadow here, choosing from preset shadow styles or
building your own.
Reflection. To put a reflection under your shape, select one of the preset
options or select your own settings.
Glow and Soft Edges. You can give your shape a little or a lot of glow by using
the presets or adjusting the glow settings yourself. To soften edges, select the
number of points by which PowerPoint blurs the shape’s edges (a higher
number of points means softer edges).
3-D Format. Here you can add beveling to the shape, increase its depth, and
sharpen its contours. You can also select a material and lighting style. (If playing
with these choices changes the shape too much, click the Reset button to return
it to its original condition.)
3-D Rotation. Give your shape some perspective by making it three-dimensional
and adjusting its angle. You can choose from preset options or adjust the shape
on your own.
Size. As the previous section explains, you can resize a shape right on the slide
by dragging one of its resizing handles. If you want to be more precise, use this
option in the Format Shape dialog box. You can select the height and width in
inches or by a percentage of its current size, determine its rotation by degrees,
and lock the aspect ratio to make sure the shape doesn’t get distorted when you
resize it.
Position. Instead of dragging a shape around a slide, you can place it precisely
by using this option, specifying how far the shape appears (in inches) from the
slide’s center or top-left corner.
After you’ve formatted your shape, click Close to save your formatting and close the
Format Shape dialog box.
Working with SmartArt
SmartArt made its debut with Office 2007, and since then it’s spiced up countless
presentations with its bold, attractive graphics. SmartArt makes it easy to add
professionally designed graphics to your slides that show how elements within a slide relate
to one another. Whether you need a process diagram, an organizational chart, a
pyramid, or an eye-catching list, SmartArt will help add some nice visuals to your slides.
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