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Working with SmartArt
Adding Images to
Inserting SmartArt
To add some SmartArt oomph, follow these steps:
1. Withtheslidethat’sgoingtohosttheSmartArtactive,selectInsert SmartArt.
The Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 21-13.
This dialog box shows a gallery of dozens of lists, charts, and graphs. You can
scroll through the gallery to view all types, or choose a category from the dialog
box’s left side. When you select a piece of SmartArt, the right preview pane
shows a full-size example of what it looks like, along with suggestions of when
to use it.
2. SelectthetypeofSmartArtyouwant,andthenclickOK.
PowerPoint inserts the SmartArt into your slide and opens the SmartArt Tools |
Design contextual tab, as shown in Figure 21-14.
Now you can add text to the SmartArt diagram (click any text placeholder and type),
adjust the graphic’s design, or format the SmartArt.
Tip: Some SmartArt styles have placeholders for pictures, as well as text. You insert a picture into a
SmartArt graphic the same way you’d add a picture to a content box (page 551).
Figure 21-13:
Select a category
on the left to see a
gallery of SmartArt
graphics for that
category. Click a graphic
to see an example
and a description of it
on the right.
Tip: If you think best in terms of bulleted lists, use the Text pane to add words to your SmartArt diagram.
Choose SmartArt Tools | Design➝Text Pane (Alt, JS, X), and a pane opens that shows a bulleted list. Type
and use the arrow keys to add items to the list. As you do, your typing appears in the SmartArt diagram.
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