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Working with SmartArt
Adding Images to
Figure 21-14:
When you add a
SmartArt graphic to
a slide, each shape
and text placeholder
is an individual object
within that frame.
This lets you animate
SmartArt (see page
638 to learn how to
do that).
Converting text to SmartArt
If you’ve got yet another boring bulleted list on yet another slide, you can make the
slide more interesting by converting your existing text to a SmartArt graphic. Just
select the text you want to transform and then follow these steps:
1. IntheHometab’sParagraphsection,clickthe“ConverttoSmartArtGraphic”
A menu opens, showing a gallery of SmartArt designs. Point to any design to see
a live preview of it on your slide. If you don’t see a design you like, click More
SmartArt Graphics to open the “Choose a SmartArt Graphic” dialog box (Figure
2. SelecttheSmartArtdesignyouwant.
PowerPoint converts your text to SmartArt.
Now you can format the SmartArt using the SmartArt Tools | Design tab (Alt, JS)
and the SmartArt Tools | Format tab (Alt, JO). Upcoming sections explain more
about doing that.
Adding a shape
The SmartArt diagram you inserted is just for starters. Just because a process
diagram shows three steps doesn’t mean that your process is limited to that number.
If you need to add another shape to your diagram, click the SmartArt to open the
SmartArt Tools contextual tabs.
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