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Working with SmartArt
Adding Images to
Select a shape adjacent to where you want the new shape to appear. On the SmartArt
Tools | Design tab, click the down arrow at the bottom of the Add Shape button, and
then select one of these options:
• Add Shape After (Alt, JS, O, A)
• Add Shape Before (Alt, JS, O, B)
• Add Shape Above (Alt, JS, O, V)
• Add Shape Below (Alt, JS, O, W)
PowerPoint inserts a new shape where you specified, adjusting the diagram to
accommodate it.
Reordering shapes
You can move shapes around in a SmartArt graphic. You can use the drag-and-drop
method you’d use for any object on a slide, but to make sure shapes line up right,
select the shape you want to move and open the SmartArt Tools | Design tab. In the
Create Graphic section, click one of these options to move the shape:
Promote (Alt, JS, P) or Demote (Alt, JS, D). In a hierarchical diagram (which
shows levels), these buttons move the shape up or down a level.
Right to Left (Alt, JS, R). The selected shape and its next-door neighbor swap
positions horizontally.
Reorder Up (Alt, JS, U) or Reorder Down (Alt, JS, W). These buttons switch
the shape with the one immediately above or below it.
Applying a different layout
After you’ve chosen and worked with one SmartArt graphic, you might decide that
you’d prefer a different look. To change the style of your diagram, head for the
SmartArt Tools | Design tab’s Layouts section. Choose a new design, or click the section’s
lower-right More button (Alt, JS, L) to see other designs in the current diagram’s
category. (To see even more, select More Layouts—M if you’re using keyboard
shortcuts—to open the “Choose a SmartArt Graphic” dialog box shown in Figure 21-13.)
Select any layout to apply it to your diagram. Any text or other content you’ve added
appears in the proper place in the new layout.
Adjusting a SmartArt graphic’s style
The SmartArt Tools | Design tab’s SmartArt Styles section is where you change a
diagram’s colors or add an effect to its appearance:
To change the diagram’s colors, select SmartArt Tools | Design Change Colors
(Alt, JS, C), and a menu opens showing a gallery of color schemes that work
with your presentation’s theme. As you move your mouse pointer over the
possibilities, you see a live preview of the color scheme on your slide. Click an option
to apply it to your slide.
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