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Working with SmartArt
Adding Images to
To add a visual effect to your diagram, click SmartArt Tools | Design and, in
the SmartArt Styles section, click the lower-right More button (Alt, JS, S). The
menu that appears shows a variety of 3-D, shading, and beveling effects that you
can apply to your diagram, with live previews as you browse them. To apply an
effect, click it.
Tip: To edit or format a diagram that has a 3-D effect, click SmartArt Tools | Format➝Edit in 2-D (Alt, JO,
E). PowerPoint temporarily switches the diagram to 2-D mode. When you’re done making changes, click
the Edit in 2-D button again to turn the 3-D effect back on.
To make plain text into WordArt, select the text you want to convert and then
go to the SmartArt Tools | Format tab’s WordArt Styles section (Alt, JO, Q) and
choose the WordArt style you want. Use the SmartArt Tools | Format tab’s Text
Fill (Alt, JO, TI), Text Outline (Alt, JO, TO), and Text Effects (Alt, JO, TX)
buttons to adjust the WordArt’s style.
Tip: It’s easy to get a little carried away as you play with SmartArt options. If that happens, you can go
back to square one by clicking SmartArt Tools | Design➝Reset Graphic (Alt, JS, E). Resetting your SmartArt
affects only its design—not its content.
Formatting shapes within a SmartArt graphic
SmartArt offers so many shapes, layouts, and effects that you may decide to stick
with the preformatted designs. But you can customize SmartArt to give it your own
personal stamp. The SmartArt Tools | Format tab (Alt, JO) lets you work with the
shapes that make up a SmartArt graphic in these ways:
Change a shape’s size. In the SmartArt Tools | Format tab’s Shapes section, click
the Larger (Alt, JO, N) or Smaller button (Alt, JO, D) to increase or decrease a
shape’s size a bit at a time. Keep clicking until the shape is the size you want.
Tip: Of course, you can also change a shape’s size by dragging its resizing handles.
Change the shape itself. When you click SmartArt Tools | Format Change
Shape (Alt, JO, I), a menu of shapes like the one shown in Figure 21-11 appears.
Click any shape to convert the selected shape to the shape you choose.
Tweak a shape’s style. You can make a shape stand out from the rest of the
diagram by giving it a different style. To do that, head for the SmartArt Tools |
Format tab’s Shape Styles section, which has these options:
Shape Styles (Alt, JO, SS). Apply borders and colors to your chosen shape.
Click to select the one you want. (The ribbon shows only a few options;
click the lower-right More button to see the whole gallery.)
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