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Working with Charts and Diagrams
Adding Images to
Shape Fill (Alt, JO, SF). Change the shape’s interior color or make it a
picture, a gradient, or a texture.
Shape Outline (Alt, JO, SO). Adjust the color, weight, and style of the
shape’s outline.
Shape Effects (Alt, JO, SE). Apply visual effects to the shape: shadow,
reflection, glow, soft edges, beveling, or 3-D rotation.
Rotating a SmartArt graphic
Think the diagram or one of its shapes would look better upside-down or sideways?
Select what you want to rotate and then go to SmartArt Tools | Format Arrange
Rotate (Alt, JO, ZA, AY). There you can pick one of these:
Rotate Right 90° (R) turns the selection 90 degrees clockwise.
Rotate Left 90° (L) turns the selection 90 degrees counterclockwise.
Flip Vertical (V) turns the selection 180 degrees on a horizontal axis.
Flip Horizontal (H) turns the selection 180 degrees on a vertical axis.
More Rotation Options (M) opens the Format Shape dialog box to its Size
options. Use the Rotation drop-down list to specify a rotation angle for the selection.
Resizing a SmartArt graphic
To make a diagram larger or smaller, you can click and drag one of the resizing areas
on its frame. Or you can select SmartArt Tools | Format Size (Alt, JO, ZZ) and
change the height (H) and width (W) settings there.
Working with Charts and Diagrams
Charts and diagrams work well on slides to track trends, to make comparisons, and
to show relationships, like the parts that make up a whole. From simple bar, line, and
pie charts to more complex scatter charts and surface or radar diagrams, PowerPoint
has loads of built-in chart styles.
Creating a chart or diagram using Excel
PowerPoint works with Excel to gather data, organize it into a chart or diagram, and
display the results on a slide. This works the same way in PowerPoint as it does in
Word, so flip to page 112 for all the how-to details.
Creating a diagram using shapes
To create a flow chart or process diagram, your best bet is SmartArt (page 588). If
you’ve got a diagramming program like Microsoft’s Visio, you might draw a
diagram in that program and take a screenshot (page 98) to insert it onto your slide
as an image.
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