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Duplicating a Slide
Rearranging, and
Deleting Slides
2. Clickwhereyouwanttheslidetoappear.
You can click between two slides or after the presentation’s final slide.
3. PressCtrl+V.(Alternatively,selectHome PasteorAlt,H,V,K.)
A copy of the slide you selected appears in the new location.
Note: If you select a slide and press Ctrl+V, PowerPoint doesn’t overwrite the selected slide; it inserts the
copy immediately after the selection.
Duplicating a Slide
When you duplicate a slide, you insert an exact copy of it immediately after the
original. This comes in handy when you want to use a slide as a template for the
design of the next few slides. In the Slides pane or Slide Sorter view, select the slide
you want to turn into a replica. In the Home tab’s Clipboard section, click the down
arrow beside the Copy button, and then select Duplicate (Alt, H, C, I). The duplicate
appears after the original.
Note: When copying or duplicating a slide, the new slide retains the contents, formatting, animations, and
transition (if any) of the original.
Inserting a Slide from a Different Presentation
If a slide from one presentation is just what you’re looking for in another,
PowerPoint makes it easy to copy. One way to do this is to open both presentations. Copy
the slide from its original presentation, click the new presentation’s taskbar button
to switch to it, and paste the slide into its new home. If you want the pasted slide to
retain the theme from its original presentation, paste it in this way: On the Home
tab, click the down arrow at the bottom of the Paste button, and then select Keep
Source Formatting (Alt, H, V, K).
But you don’t have to open both presentations to import a slide. You can also do it
this way, which is a timesaver when you want to import multiple slides all at once:
1. Openthepresentationintowhichyouwanttoimporttheslide,andposition
thecursorwhereyouwant thenewslide toappear.On theHome tab,click
The Reuse Slides pane appears on the right side of your screen.
2. IntheReuseSlidespane,clicktheBrowsebutton,andthenselectBrowseFile
A Browse dialog box opens, showing your folders.
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