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Duplicating a Slide
Rearranging, and
Deleting Slides
3. FindandselectthePowerPointfilethatcontainstheslideyouwant.ClickOpen.
The presentation you chose opens inside the Reuse Slides pane, as shown in
Figure 22-1. You can look through the presentation using the scroll bar. When
you hold the pointer over a slide, it expands so you can get a better look at it.
4. Clicktheslideyouwanttoinsert.
PowerPoint inserts the slide into the presentation.
5. Ifyouwanttoinsertmultipleslides,keepclickinguntilyou’veinsertedallthe
You can move the cursor to different insertion points in the target presentation
as you work.
6. Whenyou’redone,clicktheReuseSlidespane’supper-rightX.
PowerPoint closes the Reuse Slides pane. The new slides are now part of this
presentation. If you make changes to them here, those changes won’t affect the
slides in their original presentation.
Figure 22-1:
The Reuse Slides pane shows
another presentation’s slides so
you can easily pick and choose
the ones you want to import into
this presentation.
Reuse Slides pane
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