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Adding a Footer to Your Slides
Headers and Footers
Adding a Footer to Your Slides
If you want to add a copyright notice, your name, or other information to the bottom
of each slide, here’s how:
1. SelectInsert Header&Footer(Alt,N,H).
The Header and Footer dialog box (Figure 22-3) opens.
2. TurnontheFootercheckbox.Beneathit,typeinthetextofyourfooter.
When you turn on the Footer checkbox, the lower-right Preview pane shows
where the text will appear.
3. Ifyoudon’twantthefootertoshowonthepresentation’sfirstslide,thenturn
on the“Don’tshowon titleslide”checkbox.ClickApply toAllorApply(if
Your footer appears in the presentation.
Tip: A footer doesn’t have to appear at the bottom of a slide. If you want footer text to appear elsewhere,
open the presentation in Slide Master view (View➝Slide Master or Alt, W, M). On the slide master, drag the
Footer placeholder wherever you like. Page 616 tells you more about what you can do in Slide Master view.
Numbering Slides
You can always see each slide’s number in the Slides pane (where a number appears
to the left of each slide) and in Slide Sorter view (where a number appears below each
slide). If you want to put numbers on the slides themselves—perhaps to make it easy
for your audience to refer back to a previous slide—you can. Just follow these steps:
1. SelectInsert SlideNumber(Alt,N,SN).
The Header and Footer dialog box, shown in Figure 22-3, opens.
2. Turnonthe“Slidenumber”checkbox.Ifyouwantallslidesexceptthefirst
PowerPoint numbers your slides.
Slide numbers usually appear in a slide’s lower-right corner, but the precise location
depends on your presentation’s theme. PowerPoint formats them automatically to
make sure they’re visible against the slide’s background.
Tip: If slide numbers are hard to read because of their size, switch to Slide Master view (View➝Slide
Master or Alt, W, M) and apply a larger font size to the placeholder. For more about working with slide
masters, see page 614.
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