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Adding a Header and Footer to Notes and Handouts
Organizing Your
Presentation with
Adding a Header and Footer to Notes and Handouts
When you’re printing out presenter’s notes or handouts for the audience, you can
add a header, a footer, or both to the printed pages. Here’s how:
1. SelectInsert Header&Footer(Alt,N,H).
The Header and Footer dialog box opens.
2. ClicktheNotesandHandoutstab,showninFigure22-4.
This tab looks similar to the Slides tab (Figure 22-3), with a few differences.
There’s an option to add a header, and the lower-right Preview reflects a page,
rather than a slide.
3. Turnonthecheckboxesoftheelementsyouwanttoaddtotheprintednotes
As you make your choices, the Preview shows you where on the page the
element will appear.
4. ClickApplytoAll.
PowerPoint adds your selections to the notes and handouts you print to
accompany your presentation.
Figure 22-4:
You can add headers, footers, timestamps, and
page numbers to printed handouts and presenter’s
Organizing Your Presentation with Sections
Sections are new in PowerPoint 2010, and they’re such a great idea that you’ll wonder
why PowerPoint hasn’t had them all along. Use sections to group related slides; then
you can move or hide these bunches en masse—perfect for tucking away groups of
slides you don’t need right now but don’t want to delete. Sections make a large
presentation more manageable—and any presentation more organized.
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