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Collapsing and Expanding Sections
Organizing Your
Presentation with
1. IntheSlidespaneorinSlideShowview,right-clickthetitlebarofthesection
A shortcut menu appears.
2. SelectRenameSection.
The Rename Section dialog box opens.
3. Typeinthesection’snewnameandclicktheRenamebutton.
The new name appears in the section’s title bar.
Tip: Here’s a good reason to name your sections: You can jump straight to any section during a
slideshow. To do to that, right-click a slide to open the shortcut menu. Select Go to Section, and a flyout menu
appears, showing the names of the presentation’s sections. Click any section name to jump to it.
Collapsing and Expanding Sections
In a long presentation, you may not want to see all the slides at once. When your
presentation has sections, you can collapse and expand ’em, focusing on only one
group of slides at a time. You can collapse or expand any section by clicking the
arrow to the left of its name. As Figure 22-6 shows, when a section is collapsed, the
arrow is white and points at the section’s title; after the title, the number of slides in
that section appears in parentheses.
Figure 22-6:
Collapsed and expanded sections in
Normal view’s Slides pane. When you
collapse a section, you see how many
slides it has thanks to a number in
parentheses after the section’s name.
When you expand a section, you see
thumbnail images of its slides.
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