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Moving a Section Within a Presentation
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To collapse all the sections in your presentation, right-click any section’s title bar and
select Collapse All from the shortcut menu. To expand them all, select Expand All.
Moving a Section Within a Presentation
Sections make it easy to rearrange things, because you can move all the slides in a
section, in order, all at the same time. Right click the section header and select Move
Section Up or Move Section down. The entire section, with all its slides, plays
leapfrog over its adjacent section.
Hiding All Slides Within a Section
One advantage of creating sections is that they make it easy to hide a group of related
slides. You can have a single marketing presentation, for example, that has a section
for each product line, and then hide sections that aren’t of interest to a particular
client. Or imagine you’ve created a presentation to accompany a talk you give to
different groups. Sometimes you’ve got 20 minutes to speak, sometimes 40, and
sometimes a whole hour. By dividing your presentation into sections, you can have short,
medium, and long versions, all in one presentation, by hiding the sections you skip
in shorter versions of the talk.
To hide a section, go to the Slides pane or Slide Show view and click the title bar for
the section you want to hide. This selects all slides in that section. On the Slide Show
tab, click the Hide Slide button (Alt, S, H). With just one click, you’ve hidden that
section and all its slides.
Removing a Section from a Presentation
If you no longer need a section in a presentation, right-click the section’s title bar in
the Slides pane or Slide Show view and choose one of these options:
Remove Section. This option gets rid of the section’s title bar and ungroups
the slides.
Note: Removing a section does not delete the section header slide from that section.
Remove Section & Slides. This removes the section and deletes all its slides.
Remove All Sections. This removes all section title bars and slide groupings,
returning the presentation to an ungrouped collection of individual slides.
Navigating with Links and Action Buttons
You can take a journey a step at a time, putting one foot in front of the other.
Similarly, you can give a slideshow in a linear manner, clicking from one slide to the next.
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