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Inserting a Hyperlink to Another Slide
Navigating with
Links and Action
But sometimes it’s the detours that make the journey. In a presentation, that might
mean a table of contents that lets you go straight to any section of the presentation,
or it might be a hidden slide that you click only when you want to show more
information about a topic.
Inserting a hyperlink lets you jump to another slide anywhere in the presentation—
even a hidden slide. Say you’re giving a marketing presentation, and you’ve got a
single slide that introduces four new products. You don’t want the specifications for
each product cluttering up the slide, but you do want to be able to show those specs
if someone asks. You could create a slide for each product and stow them in a hidden
section, and then create a hyperlink for each product to its specs slide. When
someone in the audience asks, “Could you tell me more about your new electric banana
peeler?” a single click jumps right to the banana peeler’s detailed slide.
Action buttons are also helpful navigation tools—you can use them as buttons to
help viewers get around self-run presentations, for example. But they do a whole lot
more, too, like playing a sound or opening an embedded file (page 575). Read on to
learn more.
Inserting a Hyperlink to Another Slide
You can insert a link that jumps from one slide to another anywhere in the
presentation. In the marketing presentation example mentioned earlier, you might create a
section at the end of the presentation that contains a series of slides, each one giving
more information about a specific product. When someone asks about a product,
click the link to jump to its slide. If no one wants more information about the
products right now, then you can just move on to the next slide in the presentation (and
sharpen your sales pitch for next time).
To insert a link to another slide, follow these quick steps:
1. Select the text, picture, or other object that will hold the link. Then click
Insert Hyperlink(Alt,N,I).
PowerPoint opens the Insert Hyperlink box, shown in Figure 22-7.
2. Intheleft“Linkto”list,clickPlaceinThisDocument.
The dialog box changes to show a list of slides in your presentation. The list
identifies slides by number and title (for slides that have titles). On the right,
you can see a preview of the selected slide.
3. Inthelistofslides,selecttheslideyouwanttolinkto.Checkthepreviewto
PowerPoint inserts a hyperlink to the selected slide.
Now when you click the hyperlink during a slideshow, the presentation will jump to
the slide you indicated. Even if you insert new slides, making slide numbers change,
the link stays with the slide you linked to.
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