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Creating a Table of Contents for Your Presentation
Navigating with
Links and Action
For example, a teacher might create a presentation with a multiple-choice quiz at the
end of each section. If a student clicks the right answer, a slide congratulates him. If
he clicks a wrong answer, a slide explains why that answer is incorrect. If he opts not
to take the quiz, the presentation continues without showing any of the answer slides.
Or you might set up a presentation that has hidden slides answering questions you
anticipate about various points. If no one asks, you simply move past the hidden
slide to the next point. If you do get a question, though, you can reply, “Great
question, Fred. I’m glad you asked. Here’s a chart that shows how I arrived at that
recommendation,” and jump to the hidden slide. Fred gets his question answered in
detail—and you get to look like a star.
Here’s how to set up a slide that links to several hidden slides, bypassing those slides
if the viewer continues without clicking a link:
1. Createtheslidethatwilllinktothehiddenslides.Then,createasmanyslides
In the quiz example, you’d create one slide for the quiz and three answer slides
to hide.
2. In the Slides pane, select the slides you want to hide, and then click Slide
Show HideSlide(Alt,S,H).
PowerPoint marks the selected slides as hidden.
3. Opentheslidethatwilllinktothehiddenslides.Selectthetextthatwillhold
thelinktothefirsthiddenslide,andthenselectInsert Hyperlink(Alt,N,I).
The Insert Hyperlink dialog box (Figure 22-7) opens.
4. Inthe“Linkto”list,select“PlaceinThisDocument”.Inthe“Selectaplacein
You can tell which slides in the list are hidden slides because their slide numbers
are enclosed by parentheses.
5. ClickOK.
PowerPoint creates a link to the hidden slide.
6. Next,openthehiddenslideandinsertalinktotheslidethatwillopenaftera
In the example, you might link back to the quiz slide (if the answer is wrong and
you want the viewer to try again). Or you might link to the first slide of the next
section (if the answer is correct and you want the presentation to go forward).
7. Repeatsteps3–6untilyou’velinkedtoallthehiddenslides.
When you’re done, select the first slide in your sequence and switch to Reading
view or Slide Show view (use the status bar buttons) to make sure the links work
the way you want them to.
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