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Inserting an Action Button
An action button makes something happen when you click it—or even when you
pass the mouse over it—during a presentation. The action might be moving to
another slide, running a program or macro, opening an embedded object (page 575),
or playing a sound. Action buttons are especially useful when your presentation is
on a computer or the Web for others to navigate—they help viewers know to click an
arrow to move forward or backward in the slideshow.
To insert an action button on a slide, follow these steps:
1. SelectInsert Shapes.
The Shapes menu, shown in Figure 22-8, opens.
2. ScrolldowntothebottomofthemenutotheActionButtonssection.Click
The Shapes menu disappears, and the mouse pointer turns into crosshairs.
Figure 22-8:
Action buttons appear at the bottom of
the Shapes menu. There are navigation
buttons, as well as buttons to launch a
media clip or to open a file.
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