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Slide Masters: Powerful Slide Blueprints
Slide Masters:
Powerful Slide
Figure 22-11:
The Slides pane shows
the slide master and its
associated layouts.
Slide master
Slide layouts
for this
slide master
To change the slide master,
make changes to this slide.
2. Ifit’snotalreadyselected,clickthefirstslideintheSlidespanetodisplaythe
slidemaster in themainworkspace.Use theSlideMaster tab’sEditTheme,
Here’s what’s in each section:
Edit Theme. This section has buttons that let you choose a different theme
or alter the theme’s color scheme, fonts, or text effects.
Background. Click this button to see a gallery of background styles that
you can add to the presentation. Click the Format Background button to
open the Format Background dialog box, which lets you design your own
background for the slides. If you use a picture as your slides’ background
and want to hide it (without deleting it from the presentation), turn on this
section’s Hide Background Graphics checkbox.
Page Setup. The buttons here let you specify slide size and orientation
(portrait or landscape). If you want slide numbers to begin from a number
other than 1, you can change that in the Page Setup dialog box.
3. Clickinsidethetextboxthatsays,“ClicktoeditMastertitlestyles”.Usethe
Home tab (Alt,H)and theDrawingTools |Format tab (Alt, JD) to format
Head for the Home tab if you want to change the font or font size, apply
special formatting (like bold or italic), change the text’s alignment, and so on. The
Drawing Tools | Format tab lets you format text as WordArt or add and format
shapes, such as a rectangle to serve as a background for titles.
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