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Changing the Layout for a Particular Type of Slide
Slide Masters:
Powerful Slide
4. Click inside thecontentbox,and thenmakewhateverchangesyouwant to
You might, for example, select Home Bullets (Alt, H, U) to change your lists’
bullet style. Or if you’ve made changes to the title style’s font, you can change
the font here to match.
5. If you want, click inside the Footer,Date, or Page Number boxes tomake
You can move these boxes around if you want; just drag and drop to
rearrange them.
6. Whenyou’refinished,clickSlideMaster CloseMasterView(Alt,M,C).
PowerPoint applies the changes to all the slides in your presentation, and also to
any new slides you create.
Tip: You can have more than one slide master in a presentation. To create a new series of slide layouts
based on a second slide master, open Slide Master view and click the Slide Master tab’s Insert Slide Master
button (Alt, M, N). Set up the new slide master the way you want it; your selections affect the masters for
the types of slide layouts that follow it.
Changing the Layout for a Particular Type of Slide
In Slide Master view, the slide master is the big slide at the top of the Slides pane. As
the previous section explains, any changes you make to the slide master apply to all
slide types, so you can quickly make changes to the look and formatting of the whole
But what if you want to make changes to one particular type of slide—and only that
type? Maybe you want section header slides to use a different title style from other
slides. Easy. Just open Slide Master view (View Slide Master or Alt, W, M) and find
the type of slide whose layout you want to edit. Then follow the steps listed
previously for editing a presentation’s slide master.
Tip: If the Slide Master view’s Slides pane shows a layout you don’t want in the presentation, select that
slide and click the Slide Master tab’s Delete button (Alt, M, D) to remove it.
Creating a New Layout
Each slide layout serves as a template for creating a particular kind of slide. If there’s
a layout you use frequently that’s not one of the standard layouts, follow these steps
to create a new layout and add it to the master list:
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