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Changing the Layout for a Particular Type of Slide
Slide Masters:
Powerful Slide
1. OpenSlideMasterviewbyselectingView SlideMaster(Alt,W,M).Then,
PowerPoint inserts a new master slide for a specific layout. This slide has text
boxes for a title, footer, date, and page number. You can change these elements
as you like—move them around, change the font style, and so on.
2. Toaddaplaceholderforaspecifictypeofcontent,gototheSlideMastertab’s
Master Layout section and click the down arrow on the Insert Placeholder
A menu opens, as shown in Figure 22-12, displaying the different kinds of
placeholders you can insert: content (which inserts a general content box that
accepts any kind of content, like the one shown in Figure 20-5 back on page
552), text, picture, chart, table, SmartArt, media, or clip art.
Figure 22-12:
The Insert
Placeholder button shows
the different kinds of
placeholders you can
put into a layout.
3. Selectthetypeofcontentforwhichyou’recreatingaplaceholder.
The mouse pointer becomes a crosshairs.
4. Clickanddragtocreateaboxthatholdsthekindofcontentyouchose.
Move and resize the placeholder as you like, until it looks the way you want
slides of that type to appear.
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