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Working with Masters for Handouts and Notes
Slide Masters:
Powerful Slide
3. TurntheoptionsinthePlaceholderssectiononoroff.
You can choose to display or hide headers, footers, dates, and page numbers. (See
page 604 for instructions on how to create these elements for your handouts.)
4. Whenyou’refinished,clickCloseMasterView(Alt,M,C).
PowerPoint closes the Handout Master tab and saves your new handout master.
Figure 22-13:
The handout master
shows the number of
slides that will print
on each page.
Modifying the notes master
To change the appearance of notes that you print out to use with a presentation, go
to the Notes Master tab:
1. SelectView NotesMaster(Alt,W,K).
The Notes Master tab opens, with the presentation’s notes master displayed, as
shown in Figure 22-14.
2. OntheNotesMastertab,makeanyadjustmentsyouwant.
Here are the sections you’re most likely to use:
Page Setup. Here, you can adjust the orientation of pages or of the slides
on the pages.
Placeholders. Turn the checkboxes in this section on or off to show or
hide headers, footers, dates, page numbers, slide images, or body (the
written notes).
Background. If slides have a background image that make them hard to
read when printed, turn on the Hide Background Graphics checkbox.
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