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Collaborating with Others
Collaborating with
3. Ifyouwant,resizetheplaceholdersfortheslideimageandtextonthepage.
If you have extensive notes, for example, you might make the slide image
smaller and the text box bigger.
4. Whenyou’redonerevisingthenotesmaster,clickCloseMasterView.
PowerPoint closes the Notes Master tab and uses your new notes master to
format notes pages.
Figure 22-14:
You can change the
appearance of your
printed notes by
editing the notes master.
Collaborating with Others
Whether it’s work, school, or volunteering, it’s common practice for people to band
together to create group presentations. Collaboration splits up the workload and
lets people lend their unique expertise to a presentation. PowerPoint’s collaboration
tools include comments and a new approach to comparing and merging different
versions of the same document.
Tip: In PowerPoint, unlike Word, you can’t restrict the styles others can use when they’re working on your
presentation. To keep the slideshow consistent, it’s a good idea to agree ahead of time on the theme,
SmartArt, animations, and transitions everyone will use. That way, your presentation looks coordinated as
it moves from one section to the next.
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