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Adding and Reading Comments
Collaborating with
Adding and Reading Comments
Whether you’re working with others to create a presentation or just want some
feedback on your work, comments are a handy feature. Each commenter gets assigned
a different color, and the notes are signed with the commenter’s name and initials,
so it’s easy to see who said what. PowerPoint comments work like sticky notes—you
can move them around and stick them to whatever part of a slide they pertain to.
Note: In PowerPoint, comments appear only in Normal view.
Inserting a comment
To insert a comment on a slide, go to the Review tab, and then click New Comment
(Alt, R, C). PowerPoint labels the slide with a comment marker in the upper-left
corner and opens a box where you can type what you want to say, as shown in Figure
22-15. The cursor is already blinking away, waiting, so just start typing.
When you’re finished, click outside the comment box; it disappears, leaving a marker
to show that there’s a comment on the slide.
Tip: You can move the marker: Just drag and drop. That way you can put the comment on the part of the
slide it refers to.
Comment marker
Figure 22-15:
When you insert a new
comment, PowerPoint
puts it in the slide’s
upper-left corner. Your
initials and the comment
number appear on the
comment marker; your
name and the date
appear on the comment
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