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Adding and Reading Comments
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Reading comments
To read a comment, hover the mouse pointer over the comment marker. The text
appears as a ScreenTip until you move the mouse pointer away. If you want the
comment to stay visible, click its marker. This opens it up for reading; it stays open until
you click elsewhere or move to another slide.
To find the comments in a presentation, go to the Review tab’s Comments section
and click the Next button (Alt, R, N) or Previous button (Alt, R, V) to move
forward or backward between comments. Clicking Next, for example, jumps to the next
comment in the presentation and opens it so you can read it.
Editing a comment
To edit a comment, double-click its marker. Alternatively, you can select Review Edit
Comment (Alt, R, T) or right-click the marker and select Edit Comment from the
shortcut menu. The comment box opens, looking like the one in Figure 22-15. Make
whatever changes or additions you want, and then click outside the comment box
to close it.
Hiding comments
When you add a comment to a presentation, PowerPoint automatically turns on the
Review tab’s Show Markup button (you can see this button in Figure 22-15). If you don’t
want comment markers cluttering up your slides in Normal view, select Review Show
Markup. This turns off the Show Markup button and hides the markers.
Be aware, though, that hiding comment markers doesn’t make comments impossible
to find. Even when you’ve turned off the Show Markup button, the Previous and
Next buttons in the Review tab’s Comments section are still active. So anyone
looking at the presentation in Normal view can find, open, and edit comments.
Deleting comments
After you’ve dealt with the issue raised by a comment, there are several different
ways to delete it:
To delete a single comment, right-click the comment marker and select Delete
Comment from the shortcut menu. Or select the comment and then click the
Review tab’s Delete button (Alt, R, D, D).
To delete all comments on a slide, go to the Review tab’s Comments section
and click the Delete button’s down arrow. Then choose “Delete All Markup on
the Current Slide” (Alt, R, D, A).
To delete all the comments in an entire presentation, click the Review tab,
then the Delete button’s down arrow, then “Delete All Markup in this
Presentation” (Alt, R, D, P). PowerPoint asks if you’re sure you want to nix all the
presentation’s comments and annotation. Click Yes if this is what you want.
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