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Comparing Versions of a Presentation
Collaborating with
Tip: You can restrict a presentation’s permissions in PowerPoint—limiting who can view or edit the
presentation—much as you can in Word. To set permissions, select File➝Info➝Protect Presentation (Alt, F, E, P),
then choose one of these options (described in detail starting on page 236): Mark as Final, Encrypt with
Password, Restrict Permission by People, or Add a Digital Signature.
Comparing Versions of a Presentation
PowerPoint 2010 has a powerful new compare and merge feature. Although you
can’t track changes in PowerPoint as you can in Word, comparing and merging is the
next best thing. When you compare two versions of the same presentation,
PowerPoint points out and describes the changes, which you can accept or reject, and then
merges the two versions. Multiple versions of the same presentation become a single,
definitive version, so you’re never left wondering which version is the latest one.
To compare and merge two versions of a presentation, follow these steps:
1. SelectReview Compare(Alt,R,G).
A dialog box opens so you can select the version of the presentation that you
want to compare and merge with this one.
2. Findandselectthefileyouwanttocomparewiththisone.ClickMerge.
PowerPoint merges the two slideshows, keeping track of what’s changed, and
opens the Revisions pane, shown in Figure 22-16. This pane has two tabs:
Slides. If the current slide has changes, this tab shows a thumbnail of the slide
and lists who made the changes. The reviewer’s name has a checkbox to its left;
turn on the checkbox to accept all changes on the slide from that reviewer.
Details. This tab has two lists: “Slide changes”, which describe the changes
on the currently displayed slide, and “Presentation changes”, which
describe changes made to more than one slide. Click a change to open a
box describing the change and containing a checkbox (you can see an
example in Figure 22-16). Turn on the checkbox to accept the change in
the merged presentation.
Tip: You can also use the Previous (Alt, R, F) and Next (Alt, R, J) buttons in the Review tab’s Compare
section to jump from one change to the next. This is probably the easiest way to find and review changes
to slides.
3. Whenyouseeachangethatyouwanttoacceptinthemergedpresentation,
Note: If you don’t accept a change, it doesn’t merge with the current presentation.
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