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Adding Video from a Website
Putting Media Clips
in a Presentation
and, from the dialog box that opens, navigate to the video file and click Insert.
PowerPoint pops the video onto your slide, as shown in Figure 23-1. Select the video to
see its controls; click the Play button to preview the video in Normal view; or switch
to Reading or Slide Show view to see how the video will look during a slideshow.
Figure 23-1:
When inserting a
video from your
computer, you can
watch it from any tab
in Normal view: Just
click the Play button
in the player controls.
PowerPoint has two
contextual tabs for
working with videos
(circled) Video Tools
| Format and Video
Tools | Playback.
Video playback controls
Tip: If you prefer—or if you’re working with a slide that doesn’t have a content box—you can also open the
Insert Video dialog box by selecting Insert➝Video (Alt, N, V, F).
Adding Video from a Website
Plenty of times that video you want to add isn’t on your computer; instead, it’s on
the company website or a video-sharing site like YouTube. PowerPoint makes it easy
to grab and incorporate such external files right into your slides. Start by inserting
the slide to hold the video (this might be a blank slide or a title only slide), and then
do this:
1. Open your web browser, find the video you want, and then look for an
The Embed button is your one-click path to code that describes how to display
and play the video. (The code is what you’re going to copy and paste into
PowerPoint.) On YouTube, the code appears as preselected when you click the Embed
button. (Other sites may open a new page.)
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