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Adding Animated Clip Art
Putting Media Clips
in a Presentation
Note: After you’ve inserted a video from a website, you may see a yellow bar with this security warning
the next time you open the presentation: “References to external media objects have been blocked.”
That’s to protect you from possibly malicious websites that want to put viruses or other nasties on your
computer, and it means that it won’t play the video unless you explicitly okay it. If you trust the site where
you found the video, then click the Enable Content button.
Adding Animated Clip Art
Office (the suite of programs) and have tons of animated clip art that
can enliven your slides. These aren’t high-quality video, just animated, cartoonish
images that move—kind of like a flip book. Inserting these animated doodads works
the same way as inserting a regular clip art drawing: On the slide where you want to
insert the animated clip art, open the Clip Art pane using one of these paths:
• In a slide with a content box, click the Clip Art button.
• Select Insert Clip Art (Alt, N, F).
• On the Insert tab, click the Video button’s down arrow, and then select Clip Art
Video (Alt, N, V, C).
In the Clip Art pane, limit your search results by making sure you’re searching only
for animated clip art: From the “Results should be” drop-down list, turn on the
Videos checkbox. (If you don’t see this option, click the + sign next to “All media types”
to see the categories that are available.)
To find animated clip art related to a particular theme or topic, type a keyword in the
search box at the top of the pane. (If you just want to browse clip art options, you can
leave this box empty.) Click Go, and then scroll through the results that appear. If
you’re searching in more than one category of clip art, you can tell which results are
animated because they’re marked with a small star in the bottom-right corner. Click
a piece of clip art to insert it on your slide, and resize or move it as you like.
Note: When you insert animated clip art, the Video Tools context tabs don’t appear. Instead, you see the
Picture Tools context tab. (That’s because moving clip art isn’t a full-blown video; it’s an animated GIF, a
small animation based on several pictures displayed one after the other.) To see the animated clip art in
action, click the status bar’s Reading View or Slide Show button.
Adding Sound from Your Hard Drive
Got a favorite MP3 file you want to lay down as background music during your
presentation? Or maybe there’s a recording of that Help Center call gone horribly
wrong? Whatever your purpose, audio can give your presentation a whole new
dimension. Adding an audio clip works like adding a video clip. Insert or select the
slide to hold the clip, and then follow these steps:
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