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Recording Audio
Putting Media Clips
in a Presentation
Note: The term “audio clip art” may be a little confusing, because there are no images to go with the
sound clips. Inserting a sound clip just gives you the usual audio icon. Microsoft must have found the term
“clip art” a convenient, catch-all category for all kinds of media clips: graphics, photos, animated GIFs—
and audio.
The instructions for inserting these audio snippets are the same as for inserting clip
art video (page 97). The only difference is the kind of file you select from the “Re-
sults should be” drop-down menu: Instead of videos, turn on the Audio checkbox.
After you’ve inserted an audio clip, click the audio icon to see the controls. Press
Play to listen.
Recording Audio
Recording your own voice and adding it to your slideshow is a great customization
option. Imagine, for example, that you’re creating a presentation for others to view
on their computers. You could record instructions or read from the same script you
might use at a live presentation. Similarly, foreign language lessons could include
audio files that demonstrate correct pronunciation. You can record whatever sound
clips enrich your slides.
The only special equipment you need is a microphone connected to your computer;
many recent-model PCs have a microphone built in. When you’ve got that set up,
follow these steps:
1. On theslidewhereyou’re inserting theaudio,selectInsert,click theAudio
The Record Sound dialog box, shown in Figure 23-4, opens. This box has three
control buttons: Play, Stop, and Record.
Figure 23-4:
To record your own audio clip, use the Record and
Stop buttons. To preview the result, press Play.
Change this default
name to one that
identifies your clip.
Play Stop
2. TypeanameforyoursoundclipintheNamebox,andgetreadytospeakinto
As you record, the dialog box keeps track of the passing time in seconds.
3. Whenyou’refinished,clickStop,andthenclickOK.
PowerPoint puts the audio clip on your slide.
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