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Formatting Video Clips
Putting Media Clips
in a Presentation
To listen to the clip you’ve inserted, click the audio icon to bring up the controls, and
then press the Play button.
Note: If you need to pause while recording, press Stop. When you’re ready to resume, click Record again.
PowerPoint doesn’t end the recording until you click OK to insert it in your presentation.
Formatting Video Clips
PowerPoint can’t duplicate the power of a full-blown video editing program like
Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Movie Studio, but you can make some minor
tweaks to a video’s appearance right from PowerPoint. By heading to the Video Tools |
Format tab, shown in Figure 23-5, you can adjust brightness and contrast, add color
and video effects, crop the video player, and more. The following sections show you
ways you can format video clips.
Adjust brightness and contrast
Figure 23-5:
Use the Video Tools |
Format tab to change
the appearance of
your video. Apply an
effect and then click
the left Play button to
test it out.
Add a predesigned
frame or effect
Crop the player
Adjust brightness and contrast
If the video seems too bright or too dark when you preview it, head to the Video
Tools | Format tab and, in the Adjust section, click the Corrections button (Alt, JN,
CO). A menu opens that shows different degrees of brightness and contrast, with
your video’s current setting selected.
Move the mouse pointer over the different settings to see a live preview in your
video. Click any setting to apply it to the video.
Tip: If you prefer to adjust brightness and contrast settings manually, using sliders, then open the
Corrections menu and select Video Corrections Options (Alt, JN, CO, C). This opens the Format Video dialog box
to its Video section, where you can adjust brightness and contrast or restore the video to its original settings.
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