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Four Ways to Move Text
Selecting and
Moving Text
Select a paragraph. With the cursor in the paragraph you’re selecting, press F8
four times.
Select an entire document. Press F8 (you guessed it) five times.
Tip: Although this section talks about selecting text, the methods described here work just as well for
other elements you might have in a document, such as pictures, charts, videos, and tables. Chapter 3
explains more about working with these elements.
Four Ways to Move Text
Now that you know every single way ever invented to select text, what do you once
you’ve grabbed it? Moving it—either to another place in the current document, into
a new document, or even into a different program (an email, for example)—is a
popular option. Here’s what you need to know to make that happen.
If you’re moving text to a spot close to its current location, the quickest route is to
start by selecting the text you want and then letting go of the mouse button. Next,
with the mouse pointer over your selection (anywhere over the highlighted region is
fine), click and hold down the mouse button. The mouse pointer becomes an arrow
with a small square at the bottom, as shown in Figure 2-2. Still holding the mouse
button down, move the mouse pointer to the text’s new location. Let go of the mouse
button, and the text you selected jumps to the new spot. It might sound complicated,
but it’s simple once you try it out.
Note: Behind the scenes, Word lets you move text in this (and plenty of other) ways by temporarily
placing the text on the Clipboard , a holding area that stores text you’ve cut or copied so you can insert it
somewhere else. When you copy text, the original selection remains in place, but Word places an exact
copy of it on the Clipboard. When you cut text, Word deletes the selection and puts a copy on the
Clipboard. When you insert text from the Clipboard somewhere else, you’re pasting that text.
Word gives you several other ways to move text around. Some use the mouse; others
use the keyboard. Try them out for yourself and see which works best for you.
Option 1: Use the Ctrl key
A super-fast, super-easy way to move text is to select the text you want, and then use
one of these keyboard shortcuts:
• Ctrl+C to copy.
• Ctrl+X to cut.
Then move the cursor to the place where you want to insert the text, and press
Ctrl+V to paste it there.
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