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Formatting Audio Clips
Putting Media Clips
in a Presentation
Add a frame or border
The Video Styles section of the Video Tools | Format tab has a gallery of frames you
can add to your video. Some styles add other effects as well, like a shadow or a
reflection. If the ribbon doesn’t show the effect you want, click the gallery’s lower-right
More button (Alt, JN, V) to see the whole array.
If you just want to throw a border around the video, use the Video Border button
(Alt, JN, SO), which lets you add a border and choose its color, style, and thickness.
Add effects
You can also add and format these effects for a video:
Color effects. To tint the video with a wash of color or change it to stark black
and white, click the Color button (Alt, JN, L) and choose an option from the
Recolor menu (you get a live preview of the options as you move your mouse over
them). Don’t see a color effect you like? Click More Variations (M) or Video
Color Options (C) to broaden your choices.
Video shape. Click this button (Alt, JN, I) to open the Shapes menu. The shape
you select defines the video’s area. If you select a cloud, for example, PowerPoint
imposes a cloud shape over the video, and the video plays inside the cloud.
Video effects. You can add the same effects to videos that you add to pictures:
shadows, reflections, glow, soft edges, beveling, and 3-D rotation. (Page 106 tells
you more about these effects.) To select and apply an effect to your video, click
the Video Effects button (Alt, JN, F).
Tip: It’s easy to go overboard when you’re formatting a video. If you decide you don’t like the effects
you’ve added, click Video Tools | Format➝Reset Design (Alt, JN, Q). PowerPoint removes all the effects,
and you’re back at square one.
Crop the player
If you want to focus on a small area of the video playback, you can crop the size of
the player. Cropping a video player works the same way as cropping a photo (page
101). Select Video Tools: Format Crop (Alt, JN, C1) to make cropping handles
appear at the corners and midpoints of the video’s borders. Drag and drop any
cropping handle to show only part of the player.
Formatting Audio Clips
The Audio Tools | Format tab, shown in Figure 23-6, doesn’t format the sound of
your audio clip; it formats the appearance of the audio icon (or whatever picture you
insert to show that there’s an audio clip to play). The options are nearly identical to
those on the Video Tools | Format toolbar, with a few exceptions:
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