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Editing Media Clips
Putting Media Clips
in a Presentation
Using bookmarks
When you insert a bookmark into a media clip, you can jump straight to that
bookmark as you play the clip during a presentation. Imagine that you’ve inserted a video
of the CEO’s speech, for example. But the Big Cheese is a wordy guy and had an
awful lot to say, so only a couple of parts are relevant to your presentation. Bookmark
the start of those relevant parts, and when you play the video during your
presentation, you can make the video jump right to where you want it—so Mr. Cheese gets
right to the point for a change.
Inserting a bookmark. Here’s how to insert a bookmark into a media clip:
1. Selecttheclipand,dependingonthekindofclipyou’reworkingwith,select
theVideoToolsorAudioTools Playbackcontextualtab(Alt,JH).ClickPlay. |
The clip starts to play. As it does, a gray bar moves from left to right in the
controls to show what percentage of the clip has played.
2. When theplayback reaches the spotyouwant tobookmark,click
The clip pauses, and a dot appears on the playback bar to bookmark the spot, as
shown in Figure 23-7.
An audio clip can hold only one bookmark, so if you’re working with audio, you’re
done. If you’re working with a video, you can insert more bookmarks by repeating
the steps.
Figure 23-7:
Add bookmarks to
jump to a particular
spot in the video or to
serve as a trigger for
an animation.
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