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Editing Media Clips
Putting Media Clips
in a Presentation
Tip: You can use a bookmark to trigger animation, causing text or an image to appear when the video
reaches a certain point. The Tip on page 647 tells you how.
Jumping to a bookmark during playback. To jump to a bookmark, bring up the
clip’s controls (in Normal view, select the clip object; in Reading or Slide Show view,
pass the mouse pointer over the video). Find the bookmark you want and click it.
The clip jumps to the bookmarked spot. Click Play to start from there.
Removing a bookmark. To remove a bookmark, select the one you want to delete,
and then click the Playback contextual tab’s Remove Bookmark button (Alt, JH, R).
The bookmark disappears from the clip’s controls.
Trimming a media clip
Often, a video or audio clip is longer than you need to make your point. So you can
edit down the clip to play only the part you want. It’s easy, and a big help in making
a presentation go smoothly—you no longer have to guesstimate where the relevant
part of a clip starts or rush to stop playback when that part’s over.
Whether you’re trimming an audio or a video clip, the process is the same:
1. Selectthecliptobringupitscontrols.OnthecontextualPlaybacktab,click
The Trim Audio (Figure 23-8) or Trim Video (Figure 23-9) dialog box opens,
showing a playback timeline. The green handle at the left of the timeline
represents the clip’s starting point, and the red handle on the right represents its end
point. If there are any bookmarks in the clip, they appear in the timeline.
2. Adjustthevideo’sstarttimeandendtime.
You’ve got two options for doing this:
— Drag the green handle to the point where you want the clip to begin, and
drag the red handle to its ending point. If you’ve bookmarked these points,
simply drag the handles to line up with your bookmarks.
— Enter playback times in the Start Time and End Time boxes. To get
precise times, use the controls to start and stop the clip: Play/Pause, Previous
Frame, and Next Frame. When you stop at the point you want, note its
time. Type that time into the Start Time or End Time box.
3. Whenyou’refinished,clickOK.
PowerPoint trims the clip as you’ve specified.
Trimming a media clip doesn’t delete any part of it. So if you need to adjust a clip’s
starting or ending point later on, go back to the contextual Playback tab and click
the Trim button (Alt, JH, T). The Trim dialog box appears, showing the clip’s current
settings, and you can make whatever adjustments you need.
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