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Editing Media Clips
Putting Media Clips
in a Presentation
Fading in and fading out
Unleash your inner Hollywood director by getting creative with fade effects at the
beginning or end (or both) of your media clips. To make your clip fade in or fade out,
use the Fade Duration controls in the Editing section of the contextual Playback tab:
Fade In (Alt, JH, N) creates a fade effect at the start of the clip.
Fade Out (Alt, JH, O) creates a fade effect at the end of the clip.
Set the number of seconds you want the effect to last, and then click the Play button
to test it out.
Hide a clip until you want it to play
You may not want the video player to appear on the slide until you’re ready to play
the video. When that’s the case, you can hide the video player, and then trigger it
when it’s showtime. (You can do the same for an audio clip.)
Make sure that the slide has a media clip inserted and something to trigger playback
of the clip—an image, piece of text, or some other object. Then follow these steps:
1. Selectthemediaclipand,ontheAnimationstab(Alt,A),selectPlayfromthe
This tells PowerPoint to launch the clip as an animation. In other words, you
don’t have to click the Play control to make the clip start playing.
2. StillontheAnimationstab,clickTrigger “OnClickof ”(Alt,A,AT,C).
A menu flies out, listing the objects on the slide.
3. Selecttheobjectyouwantasatriggertoplaythemediaclip.
A lightning bolt appears by the media object to show it now has a trigger.
4. SwitchovertothecontextualPlaybacktabandturnontheHideWhileNot
You’ve just told PowerPoint not to display the media clip on the slide unless
it’s playing.
Test out your trigger in Reading or Slide Show view. Here’s how it should work:
When the slide opens, the video or audio player isn’t visible. When you click the
trigger, the clip plays; when it’s done playing, the clip disappears.
Other media clip settings
The contextual Playback tab also offers these settings for adjusting how your media
clip plays:
Adjust the volume. To limit how loudly a media clip plays, adjust its volume
by using the contextual Playback tab’s Volume button (Alt, JH, V). The Volume
button’s options are Low, Medium, High, and Mute.
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