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Changing an Animation
Animating Objects
Tip: If you want to browse through even more effects, choose one of the More Effects options on the
list, available for entrance, emphasis, exit, and motion path effects. This opens the Change Entrance Effect
dialog box, which lists all available effects for the animation you chose, dividing them into categories of
Basic, Subtle, Moderate, and—brace yourself—Exciting.
3. Choosetheeffectyouwant.IfyouselectaneffectfromtheAnimationstab,
PowerPoint applies the animation and shows you a preview of the effect. It also
adds an animation number to the slide to indicate where this animation
happens in the sequence of animations for that slide.
If you want to see an animation again after you’ve added it, select Animations➝Preview (Alt, A, P).
Figure 23-11:
This menu shows you a variety of animation
choices. Scroll down or choose one of the
More Effects options (circled) to see even
Changing an Animation
You’re not stuck with the first animation you try. Say you had a few objects bounce
in and then decided you wanted a more subtle entrance effect, like Wipe. To change
an animation, select the object whose animation you want to change, zip over to
the Animations tab, and select the new animation. PowerPoint exchanges the old
animation for the new one.
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