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Reordering Animations
Animating Objects
Delay (Alt, A, DE). This setting specifies, in seconds, how long PowerPoint
waits before the animation happens.
Select the object whose timing you’re adjusting, and then pick the settings you want.
Reordering Animations
PowerPoint keeps track of animations in the order you create them and plays them
in that order. Say you have a slide with a title, a line of text, and two pictures. If you
animate the title first, then picture 1, then the text, and then picture 2, that’s the
order PowerPoint uses to play the animations when it’s showtime.
Note: When you select the Animations tab, animation numbers appear on the slide to show the
animation sequence; click any number to select that animation.
Now imagine that when you preview the slide’s animation, you decide you want the
text to appear before picture 1, not after. To swap the orders of these animations,
select one of the objects whose animation you want to reorder. On the right side of
the Animations tab is the Reorder Animation section; click Move Earlier (Alt, A,
E) or Move Later (Alt, A, L) to change when the animation occurs relative to other
animations on the slide. When you do, the animation numbers of the affected
objects change. If you need to move the animation by several places, keep clicking the
button until you’ve got it positioned where you want it.
Tip: For a slide with a lot of animations, you may find it easier to reorder animations using the Animation
pane, described below.
Removing an Animation
To remove an animation from an object, select it and then open the Animations tab.
In the Animations gallery (Alt, A, S), select None. (It’s the very first animation in the
gallery.) The object is now animation-free.
Note: If an object has multiple animations, selecting None removes them all. If you want to zap just one
animation from the object but leave the others in place, use the Animation pane (explained in the next section).
Using the Animation Pane
If you’ve worked with earlier versions of PowerPoint, you’re already familiar with the
Animation pane, shown in Figure 23-16. Click Animations Animation Pane (Alt,
A, C) to open it. As you add animations to a slide, the Animation pane lists them, in
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