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Reordering Animations
Animating Objects
Reorder animations. Select the animation you want to move, and click the
up and down arrows at the bottom of the pane to change its order in the
animation sequence.
Change when the animation starts. Select an animation and click its
dropdown arrow. From the menu that opens, select when you want the animation to
begin: on click, with the previous animation, or after the previous animation.
Apply effect options. Click an animation’s drop-down arrow and choose
Effect Options to open the options dialog box for that effect (like the one back
in Figure 23-12).
Adjust an effect’s timing. When you click an animation’s drop-down arrow and
select Timing, the options dialog box opens to the Timing tab, shown in
Figure 23-17. Change when the animation starts, its delay before starting, or how
long it lasts. If you want the animation to repeat, use the Repeat drop-down list
to play the animation a set number of times, until the next click, or until you
advance to the next slide. You can also select an animation trigger on this tab.
Preview animations. Click the Play button at the top of the animation pane to
see your animations in action. As the animation proceeds on the slide, the pane
highlights which animation or group of animations is happening, and a vertical
line measures the duration of each.
Remove an animation. If you don’t like a particular animation, select it, click its
drop-down arrow, and then click Remove.
Keeping the Animation pane open as you work helps you keep track of complex
animations-in-progress. When you’re done applying and fine-tuning your animations,
close the Animation pane by clicking its upper-right X or toggle it off by clicking the
Animations tab’s Animation Pane button (Alt, A, C).
Figure 23-17:
The Timing tab of an effect’s options box lets you set the start
and duration of an effect or choose a trigger for the animation.
You can also have the effect repeat here.
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