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Creating Transitions Between Slides
Creating Transitions
Between Slides
2. Next,withtheSmartArtstillselected,clicktheAnimationstab’sEffectOp-
A menu appears, showing these sequence options:
As One Object (N). This option animates all elements of the SmartArt in
the same way and makes them happen at the same time.
All at Once (A). This option breaks the SmartArt into separate elements
(pieces in a pie chart, for example). It animates all those elements in the
same way and makes them happen at the same time. But because
PowerPoint treats each part of your diagram as its own, separate element, you can
open the Animation pane (click Animations Animation Pane or press
Alt, A, C) and apply whatever entrances and timings you want.
One by One (Y). Choose this option to break the SmartArt into separate
elements, apply the same animation to each, but have the animations
happen consecutively. Open the Animation pane to adjust these animations.
3. Selecttheoptionyouwant.
PowerPoint adjusts your SmartArt animation accordingly.
If you select All at Once or One by One, you can open the Animation pane and
tweak or reorder animations as you wish.
Creating Transitions Between Slides
Out with the old and in with the new! Transitions add pizzazz to the movement
from one slide to the next, giving your presentation another level of polish. Without
transitions, slides blink out and blink in on a mouse click. Bo-o-o-o-ring. When you
select a transition, you can have the incoming slide push the outgoing one out of the
way or wipe it from the screen. Transitions makes slides ripple, flash, glitter, shred,
flip, or appear from and disappear into a vortex. They’re a fun way to catch the
audience’s eye when a new slide comes on the scene.
Adding a Transition
You apply a transition to the slide that’s entering; the transition tells it how to come
onto the screen. To add a transition to a slide, just go to the Transitions tab, shown
in Figure 23-18, and choose what you want from the transition gallery (Alt, K, T).
When you select a style, PowerPoint applies it to the slide and shows you a preview.
(To see it again, click the Preview button or press Alt, K, P).
Tip: If you’ve set up a transition you like for a slide—and adjusted its effect options and duration to get
them just right—you can apply that transition to all slides in the presentation. Select the slide with the
transition you want, and then click Transitions➝Apply to All (Alt, K, L). With that one click, PowerPoint gives all
the slides in your presentation the exact same transition.
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