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Timing Transitions
Creating Transitions
Between Slides
Timing Transitions
There are two ways you can time the transitions between your slides, both on the
Transitions tab:
Duration (Alt, K, E). This setting determines how long the transition takes to
move, in seconds, from one slide to the next. You can stick with PowerPoint’s
default, which varies according to the transition, or adjust the time yourself.
Advance Slide. In this section, you tell PowerPoint how to move to the next slide
(the one after the selected slide). The default setting is On Mouse Click (Alt, K,
M)—PowerPoint waits for your go-ahead (in the form of a mouse click) before
it advances to the next slide. If you want the transition to happen automatically,
turn of the On Mouse Click checkbox and turn on the After checkbox (Alt, K,
F). Then tell PowerPoint how long to wait before it moves on to the next slide.
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