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It’s Showtime! Giving a Presentation
It’s Showtime! Giving
a Presentation
This topic can’t get up on stage for you, but this chapter can certainly help—it’s
all about setting up, practicing, and delivering a slideshow.
If you’ve never given a PowerPoint presentation before, you’ll learn basics
like launching the show, moving through its slides, and drawing the virtual curtain.
But even if you’re a slide deck veteran, there’s plenty here to help avoid the dreaded
Death by PowerPoint: how to rehearse and check a presentation’s timing, how to
record narration, and how to make sure your slides looks good on the big screen. And
if you give different versions of the same talk to different groups, this chapter will
show you how to generate custom presentations from a single, master file.
You may also be surprised to learn how many options you have for delivering a
slideshow that don’t involve you standing in front of a group of people. PowerPoint
makes it easy to create a kiosk-style show that runs by itself or an interactive show
that viewers play on their own, at their own pace. And new in PowerPoint 2010, you
can broadcast your slideshow online or turn it into a video, which you can then put
on a website or burn to a DVD. You’ve got tons of options, and this chapter covers
them all.
Start, Navigate, End: Tips and Shortcuts
Before you find yourself in front of an audience, muttering about how to get your
slideshow going, make sure you’re familiar with how to launch the darn thing and
move through its slides. When you’ve got that down, you can practice your timing
and double-check animations, transitions, and media clips.
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