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Starting a Slideshow
Start, Navigate, End:
Tips and Shortcuts
Starting a Slideshow
Start the slideshow by using either of these methods:
• Select Slide Show From Beginning (Alt, S, B).
• Select the presentation’s first slide, and then click the status bar’s Slide Show
Tip: You can start a slideshow from any slide. Select the one you want to start with and then click Slide
Show➝Current Slide (Alt, S, C) or click Slide Show on the status bar.
PowerPoint opens the presentation in Slide Show view. Here, a slide takes up nearly the
full screen. There’s not a tab or a toolbar in sight—just the first slide of your
presentation and some nearly-invisible slide controls, as you can (just about) see in Figure 24-1.
Figure 24-1:
Here’s a title slide
in action. Move the
mouse pointer to
the lower-left part of
the screen to use the
presentation’s slide
Slide controls
Moving From Slide to Slide
Depending on your presentation’s animations, (page 638), its transitions (page 653),
and their settings, you can click the mouse to move through each slide’s animation
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