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Finding and Replacing Text
Finding and
Replacing Text
shown in Figure 2-4. The pane shows text you’ve placed on the Clipboard by cutting
or copying. Put the cursor where you want to insert the text, and then find what you
want to insert (you may have to scroll down in the Clipboard pane to find it). As you
move the mouse pointer over each snippet on the Clipboard, a downward-pointing
arrow appears to its right. Click the arrow beside the snippet you want. When you
do, two options appear:
Paste. Click to paste the selection into the document at the insertion point you
Delete. Click to remove the text from the Clipboard.
Figure 2-4:
The Clipboard pane shows you the
text that’s currently stored on the
Click here…
…to open this
Clipboard pane.
Finding and Replacing Text
In a long document, manually searching for a particular word or phrase can be like
hunting for the proverbial needle in a haystack. When you’re seeking out every
instance of a word or phrase in a printed document or book, you need a highlighter,
a sharp eye, and a jumbo-sized helping of patience. But when you let Word do the
searching for you, you’ve got that word or phrase at your fingertips in a matter of
seconds. And if you’re searching for text because you need to replace it—because
you want to correct the spelling of someone’s name, for example—you can find and
replace your search term just as fast.
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