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Adding Narration to Your Presentation
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Adding Narration to Your Presentation
In PowerPoint, narration is an audio recording that plays automatically when a new
slide opens. Most commonly, narrations provide commentary for a self-running,
kiosk-style slideshow (page 678) or an interactive, user-run slideshow (page 680).
PowerPoint 2010 simplifies the audio recording process; in fact, it’s a lot like
rehearsing slide timings (see previous section), but instead of talking to yourself, you speak
into a microphone and record your words.
Tip: If you want to include audio in a presentation that you give live before an audience, your best bet is to
record and insert an audio clip. Unlike narration, which plays automatically, audio clips start when you tell
them to play, so you retain control over the slideshow’s flow. Page 628 has the full scoop on audio clips.
Recording a narration
First you need to connect a microphone to your computer or use its built-in mic, if
you’ve got one. (You can adjust the microphone’s settings through the Windows
Control Panel.) When you’re ready to record, open the presentation and follow these steps:
1. SelectSlideShow RecordSlideShow(Alt,S,N).
The Record Slide Show dialog box, shown in Figure 24-4, opens, giving you
these options:
Slide and animation timings records how long you spend on each slide,
including each slide’s animations. Saving these timings lets the slideshow
play on its own—PowerPoint knows when to start the next animation or
advance to the next slide.
Narrations and laser pointer records your voice as you speak about each
slide and anything you highlight with the PowerPoint laser pointer. Use the
laser pointer (more on that in a moment) to call attention to different parts
of the slide as your narration speaks about them.
2. Makesurethecheckboxesfortheoptionsyouwantareon.(Ifyou’rerecord-
The slideshow begins with your first slide. The Recording toolbar (Figure 24-3)
appears in the upper-left corner, just like when you rehearse timings. An audio
icon appears in the lower-right corner to indicate that you’re recording sound.
Speak into the microphone to record your narration. If you want to
emphasize something on the slide using a laser-pointer effect, click your mouse while
pressing the Ctrl key. A red dot appears onscreen, resembling a laser pointer’s
beam hitting the slide. Keep holding down the Ctrl key, and you can drag the
dot around the screen.
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