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Adding Narration to Your Presentation
Before the Show:
Prep Work
Tip: If you want to start recording at a point other than the beginning, here’s how to start recording:
First, select the slide you want to begin with. Then, go to the Slide Show tab, click the Record Slide Show
button’s down arrow, and select Start Recording from Current Slide (Alt, S, N, R). PowerPoint opens
the Record Slide Show dialog box (Figure 24-4); when you click Start Recording, PowerPoint starts the
slideshow on your selected slide.
3. Gothroughyourpresentation,sayingwhatyouwanttorecordforeachslide.
Use the Recording toolbar’sNext, Pause Recording, and Repeat buttons as
Tip: If you’re narrating a long presentation and need to take a break, press Esc to finish recording for now.
When you’re ready to record again, start with the first slide after the one where you took your break.
PowerPoint ends the slideshow, saves your recording, and applies it to your
slides. Any slide that has a narration attached to it displays an audio icon in the
lower-right corner.
Tip: PowerPoint treats your recorded narrations as animations. To adjust a narration’s effect options or to
change its order in a slide’s animation sequence, open the Animation pane (page 648) and work with it
there. Instead of beginning narration as soon as the slide opens, you can start it after a delay, for example,
on a mouse click, or on a trigger (page 646).
Figure 24-4:
To attach a recording of your own voice, make sure the checkbox
labeled “Narrations and laser pointer timing” is on. If you want the slides
to advance automatically, turn on the “Slide and animation timings”
checkbox, too.
Playing back a narrated slideshow
To see—and hear—how the recording turned out, head for the Slide Show tab. In
the Set Up section, make sure the Play Narration (Alt, S, P) and the Use Timings
checkboxes (Alt, S, U) are both on. Then click the From Beginning button (Alt, S, B)
to watch and listen to the presentation as you’ve recorded it.
If the narration on one slide doesn’t sound right to your ears, you can record another
take. In Normal or Slide Sorter view, select the slide you want to do over and clear its
audio: On the Slide Show tab, click the Record Slide Show button’s down arrow and
select Clear Clear Narration on Current Slide (Alt, S, N, C, N). Next, with the slide
still selected, click the Record Slide Show button’s down arrow again and select “Start
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