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Creating a Custom Slideshow
Before the Show:
Prep Work
4. Continuepickingslidesandaddingthemtoyourcustomshow.
As you work, you can remove any slide from your custom show by selecting it in
the right-hand list and then clicking the Remove button. Change the slide order
by using the up and down arrows to the right of the custom list.
5. Whenyou’redonecreatingandorganizingthecustompresentation,clickOK.
Figure 24-5:
When you want to create or work with a custom version of a
slideshow, open this box. You can launch, edit, copy, or delete
custom shows from here.
Figure 24-6:
Choose the slides you
want from the parent
presentation, and add
them to a custom
version. Use the up and
down arrows (circled)
to rearrange slides
within the custom
Select slides from the
parent presentation…
…to add to your custom presentation.
After you’ve put together a special edition of your show, you can work with it in
these ways:
Open it. To find a custom show you’ve created, open the parent presentation (the
one from which you created the custom show) and select Slide Show Custom
Slide Show. On the menu that appears, look for the custom slideshow you want;
if it’s there, select it. If you’ve saved a lot of custom shows and you don’t see the
one you’re looking for on that menu, select Custom Shows to open the Custom
Shows dialog box (Figure 24-5). Find the show you want in the list, select it, and
then click Show. Your custom show opens in Slide Show view.
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