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At the Event
At the Event
At the Event
You’ve probably done at least a few practice runs before it’s time to get up in front of
a real audience. So you know what to say, when to say it, and how animations and
transitions work in practice. This section holds your hand on the day of the dance,
offering up an assortment of timely tricks that’ll help make your presentation (and
you!) look good.
Settings to Check
Before starting your show, check the Set Up Show dialog box, shown in Figure 24-8, to
confirm that the slideshow’s settings are what you want. To open this dialog box, click
Slide Show Set Up Show (Alt, S, S). Check these settings before you start the show:
Show type. For a live presentation, make sure the “Presented by a speaker (full
screen)” radio button is on. That shows your slides at their full size and puts you
in control of the show.
Show options. If the “Loop continuously until ‘Esc’ ” checkbox is on, turn it off.
For a live presentation, you probably want the “Show without narration” and
“Show without animation” checkboxes turned off, too. If you want to change
the pen or laser pointer color (more about these tools in a page or two), you can
do that here.
Show slides. Here’s where you can choose any custom shows you’ve created or
select a limited range of slides to show for this presentation. If you’re showing
the whole presentation from start to finish, then turn on the All radio button.
Advance slides. To stay in control of the show’s pacing, make sure the Manually
radio button is on.
Figure 24-8:
The Set Up Show dialog box is where you
choose the settings that determine how your
slideshow will run. Give it a quick check before
you launch a live slideshow.
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