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Launching a Slideshow
At the Event
Multiple monitors. If you’re using Presenter view (page 668) to see your notes
on one monitor while your audience sees just the slides on another, check this
section to make sure that the Show Presenter View checkbox is on and that the
drop-down list displays the correct monitor for showing the audience’s version
of the show.
Once you’ve reviewed this list, click OK. You’re ready to get the show on the road.
Launching a Slideshow
You already know how to open a presentation and view it in Slide Show view (if not,
flip back to page 658 for a quick refresher). And you can launch your slideshow the
same way when you present it to an audience. But if you’d rather not fumble around
with starting PowerPoint, finding the presentation you want, opening it, and then
switching to Slide Show view, here are some ways to launch your presentation quickly:
From the Windows 7 or Windows Vista Start menu. Click the Start button. In
the search box at the bottom of the Start menu, type in the presentation’s name.
As you type, Windows searches for matches to the filename. Right-click the file
you want to open and select Show from the shortcut menu. PowerPoint opens
the file in Slide Show view.
From Windows Explorer. In Windows Explorer, find your presentation and
right-click it. From the menu that appears, select Show. The first slide appears
in Slide Show view.
From your computer’s desktop. If you know you’ll be giving the presentation
from your own computer, save the presentation to the desktop. When it’s
showtime, right-click the file’s desktop icon and select Show to open the first slide.
When you launch a presentation using any of these methods, ending the
presentation closes PowerPoint, revealing your computer’s desktop.
Tip: It’s not a bad idea to double-check what’s showing on your desktop before hooking your laptop up
to the big screen; you may love Pekingese puppies or Justin Bieber, but do you really want the 200 people
in your audience seeing that stuff?
During the Show
When you give a live presentation, you probably want to interact with your
audience—emphasizing points, encouraging questions and discussion, maybe pausing
the presentation to address a side issue that arises. PowerPoint gives you a whole
bunch of tools to help get your points across and make the slideshow appear just so.
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