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Launching a Slideshow
At the Event
Hiding or showing the pointer
During a slideshow, PowerPoint hides the pointer until you move the mouse; then
the arrow magically appears. (When the arrow is invisible, so are the lower-left slide
controls.) But you can tell PowerPoint to keep the pointer visible or to never show
it at all.
Right-click any slide during the slideshow and select Pointer Options Arrow
Options. The fly-out menu has three choices:
Automatic. This is the default, which hides the arrow pointer when you’re not
using the mouse and shows it when you move the mouse. The lower-left slide
controls go into hiding when the pointer does.
Visible. When you select this option, the arrow pointer stays visible all the time
(and so do the slide controls).
Hidden. If you use keyboard shortcuts, rather than the mouse, to move through
a presentation, you might want this option. It hides both the pointer and the
slide controls. (The mouse still gives input when you hide the pointer. You can
right-click to bring up the shortcut menu, for example, or click to start the next
animation sequence. You just won’t see the arrow onscreen.)
Marking up slides
PowerPoint may have replaced chalkboards and whiteboards as the main tool for
giving a presentation, but there are still times when you want to write comments or
mark up slides to emphasize a point. No problem. Turn the mouse pointer into a pen
or a highlighter, and mark up your slides to your heart’s content.
To write on your slides during a presentation, click the lower-left Pointer button to
bring up the menu shown in Figure 24-9. Select the writing option you want:
Pen produces a thin line, like a ballpoint pen.
Highlighter produces a thick line, like a marker.
Tip: Here’s another path to changing the pointer: Right-click a slide, select Pointer Options, and then
choose the pointer style you want from the fly-out menu.
To bring back the arrow, press the Esc key. (Don’t press it twice, or you’ll end the
slideshow.) Or you can open the Pointer Options menu and select Arrow.
Changing markup color
If you’re marking up slides during a presentation, you may want to change the
markup color—to highlight one kind of information in yellow and another in green, for
example. To change pen color during a presentation, right-click and select Pointer
Options Ink Color. A menu flies out, showing a palette of colors, with the current
color selected. Click any color to change it.
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