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Launching a Slideshow
At the Event
Figure 24-9:
During a slideshow, you can
change the arrow pointer to a
pen or a highlighter and use it
to write on your slides. You can’t
click hyperlinks or play audio clips
when the pointer is a pen or a
highlighter. Be sure to change the
pointer back to an arrow before
you try such actions.
Pen markup
Highlighter markup
Tip: Changing the pen’s color during a slideshow lasts only as long as that slideshow. The next time you
run the slideshow, the pen reverts back to its default color (red). If you want to change the default color
(maybe your eighth-grade English teacher left you with a fear of red pens), you can do so on the Slide
Show tab. Click Set Up Slide Show (Alt, S, S). In the Set Up Show dialog box (Figure 24-8), click the “Pen
color” drop-down list to choose a different color.
Erasing markup
You’ve written all over the slide, and now it’s hard to read through your annotations.
Or maybe you wrote in a blank spot, but now it’s time for a new bullet point to
appear there. To erase marks you made on a slide with the pen or the highlighter, click
the lower-left Pointer button, or right-click the slide and select Pointer Options.
The menu that appears has two eraser options:
Eraser. This option turns the pointer into an eraser. Touch the eraser to any
piece of markup and click, and that piece disappears. So if you underlined a
word, click any part of the line to erase it.
Erase All Ink on Slide. This option gets rid of all the pen and highlighter marks
on the slide.
You don’t have to erase the marks you’ve made on slides as you go along. If markup
remains on any slide when you close the presentation, PowerPoint asks if you want
to keep your ink annotations. Click Keep if the answer is yes; click Discard if you
want to erase them all when the presentation closes.
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