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Launching a Slideshow
At the Event
Note: If you select Keep, the markup becomes an object on the slide. (So the eraser won’t work on it
during future slideshows.) After an annotation becomes an object, you can delete it from the slide in the
same way you’d delete any other object: Select the box that holds it and then press Delete or Backspace.
Making the mouse pointer a laser pointer
Forget your laser pointer on presentation day? No problem. You can turn your
mouse pointer into a red dot that looks like a laser pointer by pressing the Ctrl key as
you click and move the mouse. When you let go of the mouse button or stop pressing
Ctrl, the pointer changes back to an arrow.
Your virtual laser pointer doesn’t have to be red. To change its color, select Slide
Show Set Up Slide Show (Alt, S, S) and select the color you prefer from the “Laser
pointer color” drop-down list. Click OK to save your choice.
Making the screen go blank
If you need to pause the presentation—to take a coffee break, perhaps, or to
focus the audience’s attention on something besides the slideshow—you can make the
screen temporarily go blank using one of these methods:
Black out the screen. Press B or the period (.) key. Or right-click and select
Screen Black Screen. This makes the current slide disappear and the entire
screen go black.
White out the screen. Press W or the comma (,) key. Alternatively, you can
right-click and select Screen White Screen. The current slide disappears,
replaced by a block of white space.
To bring back the current slide and continue your slideshow, press any key.
Switching to another program (and back)
If you’re giving a presentation that involves more than one program—maybe you’ve
got a spreadsheet that’s too big to put on a slide—you can switch from PowerPoint to
another program without ending the slideshow. Just do this:
1. Atanypointinthepresentation,right-clickandselectScreen SwitchPrograms.
The Windows taskbar appears at the bottom of the screen, displaying open
programs. If the program you want isn’t currently open, click the Start button to
launch it.
2. Toswitchtoanopenprogram,clickitstaskbarbutton.
Windows switches to the program you selected. Now you can work in that
program as you normally would.
3. Togetbacktoyourpresentation,inthetaskbar,findthePowerPointbutton
If you have several programs open, hover the pointer over a taskbar button to
see the program’s full name, as well as the name of its currently open file.
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