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Here’s how to broadcast your slideshow in real time:
1. MakesureyourcomputerisconnectedtotheInternet.Openthepresentation
youwanttobroadcastandselectSlideShow BroadcastSlideShow(Alt,S,D).
The Broadcast Dialog box opens. This box reminds you that you need a
Windows Live ID to broadcast your presentation. It also has a link to the terms you
must agree to. (Click the Service Agreement link to find out what they are.)
2. ClickStartBroadcast.
PowerPoint connects to the Internet and asks for your Live ID and password.
3. Supply the requested account information. If you want to store your
PowerPoint connects to the PowerPoint Broadcast Service. A progress bar keeps
track of how it’s going. When you’re connected, PowerPoint prepares the
broadcast and then gives you a link that you can share with your remote audience, as
shown in Figure 24-10.
Figure 24-10:
PowerPoint gives you a web address for your
broadcasted slideshow. Share it as a link that remote
viewers can use to watch the show in real time. Click
Send in Email to open a ready-to-go email message
in Outlook—just add addresses. To copy the link and
send it in a different email program or via an instant
message, click Copy Link.
Note: Audience members don’t need a Windows Live ID to view your broadcast.
4. Sharethelinkwithviewerswho’llwatchthebroadcast.
You can copy the link and paste it into an email or an instant message, or click
the Send in Email link to open Outlook with an email message that’s ready to
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