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go—it’s got a prefilled subject line and a message that contains the link. Just
fill in recipient email addresses in the To line and then click Send. As viewers
click the link and join your slideshow, they see a message that says “Waiting for
broadcast to begin” until you start the show.
5. Whenyou’rereadytobegintheshow,clickStartSlideShow.
Your slideshow launches. What appears on your screen also appears in the
web browsers of viewers who went to the web address you sent. As you move
through the presentation, they see what you do, with a couple of exceptions. If
you right-click, they don’t see the shortcut menu that appears on your screen. If
you switch to another program (page 674), that program isn’t part of the
broadcast. And if you temporarily duck out of the slideshow, they’ll never know—the
current slide stays on their screens.
Tip: If you need to send out more invitations during a broadcast, press Esc to stop the show temporarily
on your computer. (Remote viewers continue to see the slide that was onscreen when you pressed Esc.)
You see the presentation in Broadcast view (Figure 24-11). To send more invitations, click the Broadcast
tab’s Send Invitations button, and then repeat steps 4 and 5. When you click Start Slide Show, PowerPoint
takes you back to the broadcast, with the currently selected slide displayed.
6. Whenyoureachtheendoftheshow,pressEsctocloseit.
PowerPoint ends the slideshow and displays your presentation in Broadcast
view, shown in Figure 24-11. Your audience doesn’t see this view.
7. Toendthebroadcast,clicktheBroadcasttab’sEndBroadcastbutton(Alt,B,E).
A dialog box asks if you’re sure you want to disconnect all viewers from your
8. ClickEndBroadcast.
On your computer, PowerPoint displays its usual tabs. Your viewers see a notice
that the broadcast is over.
The web address you used for this broadcast lasts only until you end the broadcast,
so you can’t tell people to go to the same address the next time you broadcast the
slideshow. When you broadcast the slideshow again, you get a new link to share.
Tip: If you want to put a copy of your slideshow on the Web so people can view it whenever they
want, then make it a video (see page 681) and upload it to your website or a video-sharing site such as
During a broadcast, you can end the show temporarily. Ending the show doesn’t end
the broadcast. It takes you to Broadcast view, shown in Figure 24-11. While you see
Broadcast view on your screen, remote viewers see the most recent slide. To return
to the in-progress broadcast, click From Current Slide (or start all over from the
beginning by clicking From Beginning). PowerPoint connects again, and you can
proceed with your slideshow.
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